Normax has set up and has been maintaining an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety management system. This system is periodically revised and improved giving a special emphasis to customer’s satisfaction. Certificates¬† updated versions permanently available at

Normax controls a wide variety of technologies for glass tubing and glass sheet processing, as well as different melted glass production techniques. Therefore, Normax is, currently, able to suitably cope with the customers’ demands by using either its automatic production lines or its manual production skills.


The choice of the Normax’s product assures the selection of a supplier, whose main priority is the customer satisfaction, in order to meet the market’s expectations.

The Normax volumetric instrument users have at their disposal the most efficient traceability system – the batch number. Each instrument is ineffaceably marked with the production batch number. This number wil I match the one stated on the certificate of performance which is issued based on the inspection results (SPC). When you receive Normax Glassware you will not
need to spend any further time or other resources to mark the instruments, for, thanks to our advanced quality system, we have done it already, specially for you.

Our Products:

  • Glassware
  • Plastic Ware
  • Liquid Handeling
  • Pathalogy
  • Hygiene and Protection
  • Sample Collection
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Porcelain Ware
  • Reagents & Culture Media
  • Clinical Furniture
  • Surgery
  • Microbiological Water Testing & Analysis
  • Filter Paper

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