Our mission is protection and safety for people and the environment. To our customers, S.C.A.T. products stand for safe and comfortable handling of hazardous chemicals. Our products are applied in research, analysis and quality assurance, but also within production plants, where safe management of hazardous substances is of central importance.

S.C.A.T. Europe stands for Safety-Center-Analyses-Technology. The company was founded in order to protect technicians in analytical laboratories from harmful materials used in the working environment. The impetus was a concrete requirement of a large German Chemical company.


S.C.A.T. safety systems enable each laboratory to protect its employees and fulfil legal requirements at a reasonable price, as S.C.A.T. Europe products deal with hazards directly at their origin, before further processing begins.

In 2003, the launch of S.C.A.T. SafetyCaps was our first move to increase awareness of hazardous substances. Today, a large number of laboratories trust in S.C.A.T. Europe when it comes to fluid and solvent safety. Our customers appreciate the advantages of reproducible analytical results, comfortable handling and optimized work processes.

Over 600 products of our own development:

  • Extraction systems
  • Waste Systems
  • Safety Funnels
  • Level Control
  • SymLine
  • Containers
  • Accessories
  • Customized Production

We have more than 20 years of Experience in Marketing & Distribution of Laboratory Products!